Student Services

Brian Conroy '91

Brian Conroy '91

Assistant Principal ( Student Services), JV Head Coach



If a student is absent from school, the parent/guardian is expected to call the school and inform the school of the absence. (Please have student number, name and reason as well as relationship of person calling…no calls from students will be accepted.) Please call the main school number 215-627-1270 and follow the prompt to report an absence.

Upon return to school, the student is expected to bring an excuse note for the day(s) missed…the note should include student number, name, reason for absence and parent/guardian signature. (Forms are available in the Student Services Office).

If a student is late arriving to school they must get a late pass from the Student Services Office.  The only late that will be excused is for a professional appointment (please bring note from professional office)…all others will be unexcused.

If an early dismissal is required from school, a note must be sent to the Student Services office prior to the early dismissal.  No phone calls will be accepted for early dismissals(we cannot verify who the individual is on the other end)…if a note was not sent ahead of time, then the parent/guardian will need to pick the student up at school, please make sure you have identification.



DRESS CODE- please review with your student the dress code as it appears in the Student Handbook.  Especially pay attention to the hair code as well as NO facial hair. The winter dress code will start with the beginning of the 2nd quarter.



  • Trans Pass – there has been a change in the way that Trans Passes will be issued…students must now sign for their Trans Pass ( during lunch periods) and the students will be issued their Trans Pass for a 1 month period (separate cards for each week). Students are responsible to safeguard their Trans Passes since there not any extras and if they are lost then they cannot be replaced.


  • SEPTA- SEPTA has informed us that they now have an app SEPTA Transit Watch which enables someone to directly text with Transit Police dispatchers. This way, if there is a potential problem then the student can text the Transit Police anonymously.

Student Handboook 18/19

First page of the PDF file: New_Student_Handbook_revised_2-9-19