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Mathletes is a club that is open to Juniors and Seniors who are serious about mathematics.  Members use their existing knowledge of high school level mathematics and explore further into those concepts.  It is a true testament to one's logical reasoning!  Members compete against other schools in meets once a month.  Practice is held once a month.

CONTACT: Mr. Mathew Milligan


This club, instituted in 2015, is for all levels of experience. Under the supervision of the Physics  teacher, members will learn programming and ways to recognize hardware components and manipulate computer software. One of the goals of this club is to compete in local and regional contests that require teamwork, engineering, creativity, and professionalism. 

CONTACT: Mr. Phillip Cameron '06 


The Italian Club is a way for students to celebrate and experience the Italian, as well as, the Italian-American culture. While studying the culture, students learn many aspects; art, film, music, dancing, food, and traditions. Students do not have to study the Italian language or be of Italian descent to take part in the club, they only need an appreciation for the beautiful Italian culture.

CONTACT: Mr. Joseph Farinella


Mock Trial is a competitive activity that simulates actual courtroom proceedings and allows students to assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses. The team argues a case problem provided by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and competes against teams from across the state. Mock Trial teaches students the basics of trial advocacy including delivering opening statements and closing arguments, conducting examinations of witnesses, and arguing objections. One of the largest in the state, our team travels to several competitions each year and provides members opportunities to interact with practicing attorneys and judges. Involvement in Mock Trial fosters increased public speaking and analytical reasoning skills and is open to Roman students in all years with no prior experience required.

CONTACT: Mr. Steven Patton '08


The Roman Reserves is a club for students who support our military troops, both at home and away, throughout the year. The club sends greeting cards and care packages to service personnel, makes visits to the VA nursing home, and coordinates the Veteran's Day Assembly. We meet once a month and the club is open to all students. Always remember that we live in the land of the free because of the brave.

CONTACT: Mrs. Maureen Brown


The World Affairs Club stimulates the interest of students in international and global concerns by providing them with the opportunity to hear and discuss major foreign policy and related domestic issues with experts on a regularly scheduled basis. The club is a member of the High School Education Department at the World Affairs headquarters of Philadelphia.

CONTACT: Mr. Paul McAndrew
CONTACT: Mr. James Flannery


The ASPIRA Association, Inc. is the only national nonprofit organization devoted to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth. ASPIRA takes its name from the Spanish verb aspirar, "to aspire". After extensive research on youth, ASPIRA founders developed a process for leadership development that remains the core of all ASPIRA activities: The ASPIRA process.

The ASPIRA organization is open to all students at Roman Catholic who are interested in the development of their leadership skills.

CONTACT: Mrs. Wilma Berrios


The Chess Club is open to all students who enjoy playing chess. Members meet after school for matches and participate in tournaments during the school year.

CONTACT: Mr. Matthew Hummel


Sponsored by the World Language Department, this night celebrates the different ethnicities represented at Roman Catholic by offering cultural foods and entertainment.


The Asian Cultures Club engages students in community services, fosters young leaders, and informs students of the various Asian cultures. This club encourages students to know their peers and make friends. These friendships are strengthened by going on trips, trying new things, and working together to make the Roman community a better place. This club not only builds friendships but also leadership skills to create the future of tomorrow. This club is open to all RCHS students.

CONTACT: Mrs. Maureen Toman-Logan