Clubs and Organizations



The purpose of this club is to promote student leadership and avenues of service through real
and practical public relations activities. The students will first be trained in all the rules of
etiquette and proper deportment that pertain to school leadership and a positive image. Special
time and emphasis will be further devoted to developing their public communication skills, for
they will represent Roman Catholic High School at all public functions and activities. Students in
grades 10 through 12 are eligible to apply for this organization.
CONTACT: Mr. Joseph Travaline ' 11


This is the perfect club for those who enjoy Anime (Japanese Animation) and/or Video Games.  Gaming tournaments are held, as well as viewing and discussion of quality Anime.  Meetings alternate between Anime and E-sports focus.

CONTACT: Mr. Jeffrey Shields (

Big Brothers

The Big Brothers program pairs seniors with each freshman homeroom. The seniors act as
mentors to the freshmen, helping them adapt to life at Catholic High. Students may apply to be
a Big Brother during their junior year. The selection process ensures that the newest members
of the school community are given the best role model.
CONTACT: Mr. Robert Rowan '13

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is focused on the building of the black community, but membership is by no means limited to just the black community.  We hope to educate our members then challenge them to take action, whether it be internal or external. We hope to show past generations that we will take charge of our future, dismantle the negative stereotypes, build and secure our sense of community, and influence the world.  Roman’s BSU has monthly meetings/events such as Guest Speakers, Service Trips, and Discussion Groups.

CONTACT: Mrs. Ana Barun (


Book Club

The Book Club meets once a month and gives students the opportunity to read books and
literature of their choice, outside their academic requirements. The students vote on their
reading choices each month, and upon completion of the book, the club meets to discuss
different topics and questions pertaining to the reading. The book club takes trips on special

CONTACT: Ms. Maggie Canavan (

Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all students who enjoy playing chess. Members meet after school for
matches and participate in tournaments during the school year.
CONTACT: Ms. Arjola Sulaj (

Cooking Club

Students interested in cooking and baking are encouraged to join the cooking club. The cooking
club meets once a week to prepare and test new dishes to serve to the faculty and parents of
Roman Catholic High School at special school functions. The cooking club also hosts breakfast
sandwich fundraisers for the student body and coordinates monthly bake sales.
CONTACT: Mrs. Renee Park (

Community Service Corp

CSC is an Archdiocesan organization, through which high school students can give Christian
service both within and outside the school community. By collecting and distributing food and
toys, and participating in other service organizations ,C.S.C. members reach out to the needy of
all ages. C.S.C. sponsors many individual programs.
CONTACT: Mrs. Judy McKenna (

Cultures Club

The Cultures Club engages students in community services, fosters young leaders, and informs
students of the various cultures around our world. This club encourages students to know their
peers and make friends. These friendships are strengthened by going on trips, trying new
things, and working together to make the Roman community a better place. This club not only
builds friendships but also leadership skills to create the future of tomorrow. This club is open to
all RCHS students. This club also works to promote International Cultures Night with the World
Language Department.
CONTACT: Ms. Maggie Canavan (

Engineering Club

This STEM-oriented club is open to all students interested in Design, Robotics, and Mechanics. Members will learn programming and ways to recognize hardware components and manipulate computer software. One of the goals of this club is to compete in local and regional contests that require teamwork, engineering, creativity, and professionalism. 

CONTACT: Mrs. Ana Barun (


Mathletes is a club that is open to Juniors and Seniors who are serious about mathematics.  Members use their existing knowledge of high school level mathematics and explore further into those concepts.  It is a true testament to one's logical reasoning!  Members compete against other schools in meets once a month.  Practice is held once a month.

CONTACT: Ms. Antoinette High (

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a competitive activity that simulates actual courtroom proceedings and allows students to assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses. The team argues a case problem provided by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and competes against teams from across the state. Mock Trial teaches students the basics of trial advocacy including delivering opening statements and closing arguments, conducting examinations of witnesses, and arguing objections. One of the largest in the state, our team travels to several competitions each year and provides members opportunities to interact with practicing attorneys and judges. Involvement in Mock Trial fosters increased public speaking and analytical reasoning skills and is open to Roman students in all years with no prior experience required.

CONTACT: Mr. Steven Patton '08

National Honor Society

Seniors and Juniors are selected on their academic accomplishments and their proven
leadership, character, and service qualities. Members provide tutorial services for classmates,
assist the faculty, host visitors to the school, contribute to the literary magazine, and represent
Roman Catholic High School at various functions. NHS is a nationwide organization that is
recognized by colleges and universities.
CONTACT: Mrs. Kristin MacLuckie (

No Place for Hate

No Place for Hate is a self-directed program helping all of the stakeholders take the lead on improving and maintaining school climate so all students can thrive. Roman is proud to be a No Place for Hate school. Our program challenges everyone to play a role in combating bias and bullying.

CONTACT: Ms. Antoinette High (

Purple and Gold Yearbook

The Purple and Gold is the official school yearbook of Roman Catholic High School. The
students do all the work on the book prior to publication. The yearbook captures the events of
the school year. It highlights the senior class. The editorial staff works year round from
September to February. Many skills such as writing, layout design, proofreading, and
photography are learned.
CONTACT: Mr. John Pensabene (

Roamings Literary Magazine

Roaming’s, the art and literary magazine, has a rich and varied past dating back to the school's
beginning in 1890. The students, in conjunction with the moderator, are responsible for selecting
materials, judging entries and preparing the magazine for publication. It is published annually
each spring.
CONTACT: Mr. Fitzgerald Gallagher ’94 (


This program is open to all students. Students Against Destructive Decisions participate in
various activities that heighten the level of awareness of drunk driving and other negative
behaviors within the school community. The program is coordinated with other Catholic and
public high schools in Philadelphia.
CONTACT: Mrs. Maureen Brown (


Student Council

Student Council members are elected by the student body to serve as their official
representatives to the administration and the faculty. Nominations and elections for senior
officers are held in the Spring. Homeroom representatives are elected in the Fall. Council
members assist with the dances, Back-to-School Night, Universal Visitation, and various social
and alumni affairs.
CONTACT: Mr. Dennis DiGiovanni (

Visual Arts/ Ceramics Club

This club offers students the opportunity to work on and develop more artistic abilities and skills,
specifically geared towards ceramics. This club meets once a month in the Howard Center for
the Arts.
CONTACT: Mrs. Shannon Gallagher (

World Affairs Club

The World Affairs Club stimulates the interest of students in international and global concerns by providing them with the opportunity to hear and discuss major foreign policy and related domestic issues with experts on a regularly scheduled basis. The club is a member of the High School Education Department at the World Affairs headquarters of Philadelphia. 

Contact: Mr. James Flannery