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Since the beginning of time humans have used art to express themselves and describe their feelings. Cave paintings that date back to prehistoric times show us that humans, even when they were fighting for survival at every waking moment, still found themselves craving art and expression. While reading John Green’s The Anthropocene Reviewed, one quote stuck out to me in particular. After describing the Lascaux cave art discovered in 1940 and how making art has always been a priority to humans, Green comes to the conclusion that “art isn’t optional for humans.” Humans must express themselves or the feelings inside of them will slowly drive them insane. And the best way to express yourself is through some medium of art- photography, painting, writing, singing. Art requires no spoken words, but it expresses what a million words can not say.


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Sean Mc Loone '24 

2022 Lead Editor  


 Roamings 2022 Edition