Pointers for sophomore year

The Basics

You should have a quiet place at home for studying.  If not, make that a priority for the start of this school year. Complete all your assignments, be on task during classroom time, engage in classroom discussions, ask questions when you do not understand a concept or idea, make up any missed assignments by asking the teacher for missed work. All of this takes organization and time.  If any of this is a struggle for you, please see your counselor for tips and suggestions.


 This year, Sophomores are required to complete the ‘Do What You Are’ survey under the Careers tab before the end of the school year.

 Begin to think about your future.

High school is time to explore your interests. There are lots of ways to go about doing that. Consider joining a club or engaging in one of Roman’s many school activities.  Look for avenues to volunteer in your community.  Try something new!  Maybe you’d like to play an instrument or delve further into a new hobby.  Now’s the time!

CollegeBoard & Khan Academy

All sophomores will register on both Khan Academy and CollegeBoard by the end of their Sophomore year. We encourage students to begin using Khan Academy to practice for the PSAT.

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