Below are tips to help you have a successful high school career!

Get involved

Whether you love sports, service, music or art, Roman has something for you. Check out the list of activities and clubs on the website and ask your Big Brother or counselor for advise. 

Focus on academics

​​​​​It is very important to complete ALL homework assignments and hand them in on time. Read over your notes each night and study in advance of tests and quizzes. Ask for help if needed - your counselor can assist you with study skills and getting tutoring.


Roman has several resources for our students. It is important to get to know your Big Brothers and counselor. Frequently check the Roman website for information and announcements as well as Schoology and PowerSchool to check assignments and grades.

Be on time

It is important to arrive to Roman at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to homeroom which begins at 8am. You will be marked late if you arrive to school at 8:01 AM. The cafeteria is open to the students at 7:00 AM.

Follow the rules

Prior to starting the school year review the student handbook. The handbook is available under the resource tab in the guidance sections

 Begin to think about your future.

High school is time to explore your interests. There are lots of ways to go about doing that. Consider joining a club or engaging in one of Roman’s many school activities.  Look for avenues to volunteer in your community.  Try something new!  Maybe you’d like to play an instrument or delve further into a new hobby.  Now’s the time!


  • Roman subscribes to Naviance, a web-based college search and planning tool that allows students and families to investigate, research, track, and plan for the college admission process. explore careers, take interest inventories. Freshmen should complete the ‘Cluster Finder’ before the end of the year to get an idea of what careers might interest them. All freshmen are registered on Naviance at the start of the year and their counselor will teach them how to use this resource.