TD Bank and RCHS Fundraising

Posted by Pat Conville ‘76 on 6/30/2015 12:00:00 PM

The Alumni Association of Roman Catholic High School is excited to announce a partnership with TD Bank to raise Scholarship Funds.
The Finance Committee has developed two rewarding programs that we hope will contribute to our ever increasing Scholarship activities.

TD Banks Affinity Program.

This is a passive rewards program whereby by simply linking your existing TD Bank accounts to our program number, the Alumni Association will receive an award based upon a percentage of your average balance. This award is from TD Bank and does not impact your account in any way. We will also receive a credit for any new accounts that are set up and linked to the program as well. All you need to do is stop into your local TD Bank branch and ask a Customer Service representative to link your accounts to our Program number.
Our Program Number for their Affinity Program is: AF910

"Coins for Cahill"

For those of us who have change overflowing a cup holder or ashtray in our cars or sitting in a jar somewhere, why not donate these troublesome coins to Roman. The process is simple: Take your coins to the TD Bank and use their coin counting machine. Take your receipt from the coin counter to a teller and state that you would like to deposit the funds into the Alumni of Roman Catholic High School account.

The account number is: 4290133530

If you wish a receipt or want us to know you made a deposit, you can send an email to:
Again, if you wish a receipt from us, please email us with your name, address and amount of deposit (include date of deposit for verification). Should anyone have any suggestions for fund raising efforts, please send your suggestions to the email address above.
Pat Conville '76
Finance Committee