Roman Catholic High School  
    Roman Catholic High School Shadow Day Program

    Be a Cahillite for a day!

    The Roman Catholic High School Shadow Program is to assist prospective students in making an informed decision in regard to their potential enrollment at Roman.

    ·       Students currently in the eighth grade or that are interested in transferring from another high school are eligible for the program.

    ·       The Office of Admissions requests at least two weeks notice for a shadow appointment.

    ·       Shadow days take place on Monday through Friday beginning in October and ending in March.

    ·       The student should arrive by 7:45 AM in the lobby of the Vine Street entrance. He will be dismissed at 2:41 PM which is the end of the school day.

    ·       The guest student should wear his current school uniform. If he does not have a school uniform he should wear khaki pants, casual dress shoes and a golf shirt in the fall and spring. During the winter a shirt and tie should be worn.

    ·       A lunch will be provided to all shadow participants.

    ·       The Office of Admissions will partner the guest student with a current Roman student in the year the prospective student would enter. Requests for a specific student will be considered, yet final determination rests with the Office of Admissions.

     It is recommended that the student bring a book he is reading for school just in case a class he attends is giving a test.

     All Shadow Days will be confirmed via e-mail and or phone call

    Thank you for your interest in Roman Catholic High School!



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