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 Dear Prospective Student,


Thank you for your interest in Roman Catholic High School. The choice of a high school is probably one of the most difficult decisions you have had to make in your life to date.  There are many good schools, numerous fine programs, and countless opportunities, but all students are different, and schools are different in their own way. We want you to learn about what Roman has to offer and how it can be the right fit for you.

Given Roman’s center city location, our students come from throughout the entire Delaware Valley – over 160 different elementary schools are represented in our student body.  That includes students from Catholic, public, charter, and private elementary schools, as well as homeschool students. Roman is easily accessible from all areas of the city and surrounding counties by mass transit. Students arrange their own travel, which for many is a part of the maturation process in growing from a boy to a young man. Because of all these aspects, Roman has a unique student population that is diverse, committed, and self-reliant.

The academic program at Roman prepares its students for college.  Over 96 percent of our students attend some of the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout the nation.  If you are college-bound, Roman is the school for you!

Roman students also keep busy outside of the classroom. Roman has 17 varsity sports teams – the only school to offer every sport in the Archdiocese.  From baseball to wrestling, Roman has a team for you. Our athletic programs are well-coached and always competitive. Roman also has a wide-arrange of extracurricular activities, including band, chess and mock trial. No matter your interests, Roman will have a club, service organization, or team for you to find your niche.

Roman Catholic is at The Center of it All – an exciting place to spend your high school years. The best way to find out more about Roman is to attend one of our events: Student Discovery Day or Open House. Also, you can schedule a private tour or shadow day and experience a day in the life at Broad and Vine. We look forward to meeting you soon and having you become part of our Roman community.

Adam Gault ‘08

Director of Admissions & Communication

215-627-1270 ext. 146

Cell Phone: 215-251-7186


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