• Roman Catholic High School  

    Welcome to Roman!! Freshman year is the transition year from grade school to high school. Guidance is here to help with that transition. The counselor will meet with every student for an interview throughout the course of the year. We encourage students to come to guidance with any questions or concerns. Students are able to fill out an appointment request form to see their counselor. The form is located in the guidance office.

    It is important to start your high school years off strong. We encourage students to utilize their resources and get involved at school! Below are tips to help start off the year.

    1. Get involved

                Roman has a variety of clubs and organizations. Please go on the Roman website and click on “ACTIVITIES”. There is a list of clubs and organizations with a description and who to contact. Do not be afraid to reach out to find out more information. Roman also offers 17 different sports! You can find out more about each sport by clicking on “ATHLETICS” on the Roman website.



                It is very important to complete ALL homework assignments. At Roman we like to see our young gentlemen take responsibility for their grades. Please make sure to turn in homework assignments on time and prepare for all tests and quiz. Do not wait until the last minute to study! Check your GradeConnect and Schoology account daily.


    3. Be on time

                It is important to arrive to Roman at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to homeroom. Homeroom begins at 8:00 AM. You will be marked late if you arrive to school at 8:01 AM. The cafeteria is open to the students at 7:00 AM.


    4. Rules

                Prior to starting the school year review the student handbook. The link to the student handbook is below:



    5. Resources

                  Roman has several resources for our students. It is important to get to know your Big Brothers and counselor. Frequently check the Roman website for information and announcements.


    6. Go to tutoring

                NHS (National Honor Society) students tutor before school (7:30 AM) and the last 20 minutes of every lunch period. You can find them at the desks outside the library.


    We look forward to getting to know you over the next four years!