• Sophomores

    Welcome!  Now that you have completed your freshman year, you know the expectations of high school.  If you had a successful first year, build on that!  If you struggled in your freshman year; hopefully, you have learned from that and will come into your sophomore year with a positive attitude.  Don’t underestimate yourself and ask for help when you need it. This is year is about finding balance and honing your skills as a student.




    The Basics:

    You should have a quiet place at home for studying.  If not, make that a priority for the start of this school year. Complete all your assignments, be on task during classroom time, engage in classroom discussions, ask questions when you do not understand a concept or idea, make up any missed assignments by asking the teacher for missed work. All of this takes organization and time.  If any of this is a struggle for you, please see your counselor for tips and suggestions. 


     Your counselor will be working with you throughout the year to help you with any issues, questions, problems or situations which may arise.  Please come to guidance when you feel you need our help.  We truly want to get to know each and every one of you personally.  We work with you to develop your educational program with an eye on your future. 


    Begin to think about your future

    High school is time to explore your interests. There are lots of ways to go about doing that. Consider joining a club or engaging in one of Roman’s many school activities.  Look for avenues to volunteer in your community.  Try something new!  Maybe you’d like to play an instrument or delve further into a new hobby.  Now’s the time!



    Roman subscribes to Naviance, a web-based college search and planning tool that allows students and families to investigate, research, track, and plan for the college admission process. Students can search for scholarships, explore careers, take interest inventories, and investigate their learning style. Sophomores are required to complete the “Cluster Finder” under the Careers tab before the end of the school year.


    Registration for Naviance

    You will receive a unique registration code during a fall classroom visit from your counselor.  New students should see their counselor to receive this code and set up the account.

    You will set up a password and use your student email address to log in to Naviance.  Do not use a personal email address!

    Your email address is: student#@romancatholicsh.com  (Example: 20190000@romancatholichs.com)



    Year at a glance:                                                                                               Calendar



    • September
      •  Investigate clubs and activities.  Attend a meeting or two this month. 
      • Counselor introductions will take place early in September. Don’t hesitate to come and see us!
      • Counselors will introduce Naviance.
    • October
      • PSATs take place later this month.  Consider doing some test prep. www.collegeboard.org
      • Group and individual interviews commence
    • November/December
      • As first semester continues do a self-check. How are your grades?  How’s life at Roman?
      • Stop in for help if needed!


    • January
      • Your counselor will be holding classroom visits to discuss PSAT scores, give a college prep overview and help students link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts.


    • February/March
      • Course Selection takes place this month.  Challenge yourself!  Stop in to chart out the next couple of years and get your counselor’s input.



    • April
      • Interviews are winding down.  If you have not had yours yet, make an appointment. 



    • May/June
      • What are you doing this summer?  Think about volunteer or paid positions in an area of interest.
      • Have a safe and fun summer!




    Student Support


    Academic Support.  National Honor Society Tutors


     The NHS Tutoring Clinic is a centralized drop-in help area where students can get support from tutors in a variety of subjects.  They are available before school and at each lunch period outside the Information Center. Stop in!



    Student Assistance Program(SAP)

    The SAP Team is Roman’s Student Assistance Team designed to support students with a variety of concerns that can interfere with their ability to succeed in school.  Such issues might include: stress, anxiety, peer relationships, family concerns, depression, substance abuse and eating disorders.

    Referrals to SAP may be made by teachers, staff members, guidance counselors, administrators, parents, friends, or by students themselves but usually begin with an intake interview with a Roman counselor. The SAP process works confidentially in conjunction with a CORA counselor, and the families to identify student needs and implement strategies for confronting barriers.  If you are concerned for yourself or one of your friends, please see your guidance counselor.



    Speak-up! is an organization that has traveled to over 250 schools, reaching over 100,000 urban and suburban youth, parents, and educators. The program promotes a safe, non-threatening environment for individuals to share candidly about relevant issues chosen by each event committee.  This is an evening event to consider. Check the Roman website for upcoming dates.