• Roman Catholic High School
    The Purple and Gold is the official school yearbook of Roman Catholic High School. The students do all the work on the book prior to publication. The yearbook captures the events of the school year. It highlights the senior class. The editorial staff works year round from September to February. Many skills such as writing, layout design, proofreading, and photography are learned.
    CONTACT: Mr. Christopher Buck, '98 - cbuck@romancatholichs.com
    CONTACT: Mr. Matthew Milligan- mmilligan@romancatholcihs.com
    Any student interested in journalism is invited to join the school newspaper, The Cahillite. Issued quarterly, the newspaper requires much dedication and skill in reporting, editing, proofreading, layout, and photography. Most of the work is done in school while articles are written independently.
    CONTACT: Mr. James Flannery - jflannery@romancatholichs.com
                     Ms. Katherine Keenan - kkeenan@romancatholichs.com
    Members meet to learn techniques in composition and editing photos. The club will take pictures at various Roman events.
    CONTACT:Mr. John Pensabene jpensabene@romancatholichs.com
    Roamings, the art and literary magazine, has a rich and varied past dating back to the school's beginning in 1890. The students, in conjunction with the moderator, are responsible for selecting materials, judging entries and preparing the magazine for publication. It is published annually each spring.
    CONTACT: Mr. Fitzgerald Gallagher’94 – fgallagher@romancatholichs.com
    TV News Roman's TV crew produces a daily TV show during homeroom. The daily announcements and "happenings" pertaining to Roman are covered. TV crew members gain experience on both sides of the camera. Maintenance of studio equipment, production techniques, directing, camera operating, time scheduling, etc. are learned in both theory and practice. The crew has been able to film and broadcast "live" a variety of school assemblies and activities.
    CONTACT: Mr. Chris Buck- cbuck@romancatholichs.com
    The Empire is the Official Magazine of Alumni, Family, & Friends of Roman Catholic High School. This publication features contributions from alums, current students, members of the Roman faculty, and anyone affiliated with Roman Catholic High School. The title itself alludes to the far-reaching impact of Roman Catholic High School across generations for nearly 125 years. In order to stay updated on current Roman happenings, especially after graduation, be sure to read the latest edition of The Empire.
    CONTACT: Adam Gault '08 - agault@romancatholichs.com