‘No more pencils, no more books, no more …..’

 You’ve made it!

 The Guidance Office would like to congratulate the Class of 2019, and their parents and families, on their accomplishments! Through their diligence and effort, the graduating SENIORS received 534 offers of acceptance and were offered over $21,000,000 in scholarships and grants. This year we have students accepted to many state and local schools, as well as The University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania and Yale.

 Mr. Shields and I were in Theology classes on May 1st and 2nd to have seniors complete the final transcript request form. Remember the final transcripts will not be sent until the third or fourth week in June. Do not worry if a college sends a letter prior to this asking for the final transcript as they know we have to wait until school is over. DO NOT SEND IN ANY MONEY FOR THIS!

 We encourage any senior who does not have a plan for next year to meet with his counselor!


 SENIORS- Good Luck next year! Stay in touch.... remember our emails are    mdesmond@romancatholichs.com                                    pshields@romancatholichs.com


We are extremely proud of our graduates!


 PARENTS – As your son goes on to the next step of his life there are several topics you may want to discuss with him – especially if he is going away to college.

            The dangers of drugs(including cigarettes and Juuls) and alcohol – If you haven’t already had this talk it is important to have it now. Many students go to parties and are influenced by peers. Alcohol is not a safe drug! There are college students each year who die because of alcohol poisoning, drunk driving or even falls. Also they are underage so drinking is illegal. We have heard of students being put on probation, expelled or worse. However, also let them know that most states have laws to protect people who call an ambulance or the police to save a life. Please educate your sons about the dangers and the law.

            Make sure your son knows his medical history. Some students may not be aware of allergies! Also have an emergency plan and contact information in case you need to get in touch with each other.

            Money Management – Your son may have to budget money from a summer job or he may work part time during the school year. Either way, managing his income will be important. Teach him the pitfalls of credit card use. Students end up getting into a lot of debt because they charge without thinking about how they will pay for the purchases and then they end up accruing a great deal of interest. There are other topics you may also wish to discuss like internet use and social networks such as Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter. You can find some pointers on parenting a college student here.

Senior Parents – Good luck and congratulations!

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