About Roman Catholic High School

Roman Catholic High School was founded in 1890 through the vision of Philadelphia businessman, Thomas E. Cahill. Presently, our diverse student body draws from every section of the city as well as the surrounding counties. Over 170 different elementary schools are represented in Catholic High. The graduating class of 2021 garnered a record amount of over $27 million in scholarships and grants, with 96% matriculating to some of the finest colleges and universities throughout the United States. Alumni and friends can be rightfully proud of the accomplishments of our students.

Over the last 131 years, many impressive young men have passed through Broad and Vine. 

About the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association continuously works to strengthen the lifelong bond between Roman and its alumni, to support and enhance the student experience and to help shape the future of Roman.

The Alumni Association is the Association's governing body, accepting a leadership and participatory role in the current and future state of the Roman Catholic High School Alumni Association.