Alumni Association

The Alumni Association continuously works to strengthen the lifelong bond between Roman and its alumni, to support and enhance the student experience and to help shape the future of Roman.

The Alumni Association is the Association's governing body, accepting a leadership and participatory role in the current and future state of the Roman Catholic High School Alumni Association.

Executive Board

President: Patrick Mundy ʼ75
First Vice President: Michael Gallagher ʼ91
Second Vice President: Charles Taylor ʼ12
Treasurer: Matthew Kulpa ʼ02
Secretary: Matthew Stafford ʼ90


Special Committees

Archives and Research Center: Edward Keenan ʼ54
By-Laws and Governance Committee: Michael Finnegan ʼ75
Cahill Club: Christopher McCoy ʼ94
Finance Committee: Robert Keever, Jr. ʼ05
Friends of River Field: Michael Gallagher ʼ91
Membership Affairs Committee: Michael Pelone ʼ77
Fundraising Committee: Joseph DeFinis '85
Marketing Committee: Joseph Boyle ʼ84
Sports Hall of Fame Committee: Gary Citrone ʼ76
Veterans Affairs Committee: Christopher Gibbons ʼ79
Day at the Bay Committee: Chuck Taylor ʼ12
Diversity Committee: Jerome Taylor ʼ15