Thank You

Thank you for your interest in Roman Catholic High School. The choice of a high school is probably one of the most difficult decisions you have had to make in your life to date.  There are many good schools, numerous fine programs, and countless opportunities, but all students are different, and schools are different in their own way. We want you to learn about what Roman has to offer and how it can be the right fit for you.

Only at Roman

There is only one Roman. Founded in 1890, Roman is the oldest diocesan high school in the United States and has been providing an outstanding education for young men ever since. Only at Roman will you meet students from every neighborhood and section of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Over 170 different elementary schools are now represented in our diverse student body. This includes students from Catholic, public, charter and private elementary schools as well as homeschool students. No matter where you are from, no matter your background, every student is welcomed here at RCHS!

Every student wants to make new friends, be challenged, experience innovative programs and achieve their dreams. Only at Roman is all this possible. Roman is a very special place to spend your high school years.  So, ask questions, examine our course offerings, and review our sports and activities. The more information you gather, the quicker you will come to know, there is only one Roman Catholic High School—and you belong here! 

Only at Roman will you find a program that prepares so many for college. Over 96 percent of our students attend some of the most prestigious local colleges and universities as well as those from throughout the nation.  If you are college bound—Roman would be the school for you!

Examine our co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. Only at Roman will you find 17 varsity sports teams. From wrestling to crew, from rugby to bowling, from swimming to lacrosse, Roman teams are well-coached, competitive and a force to be reckoned with! Only at Roman will talented musicians and singers find a home to develop their talents and hone their skills. Our programs are widely recognized for their quality and high level of performance. Community service opportunities abound at Roman. Helping the poor and elderly, defending life, and improving the environment, Roman students are committed to creating a better world.

Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions

Thomas Bottoms '10

Director of Admissions & Communication

Sr. Joan McNutt, SSJ

Admissions Coordinator