Admissions Process

The admissions process for students desiring entrance into the 9th grade at Roman Catholic High School begins with the mandatory Scholarship Entrance Exam. Please note that any student wishing to attend Roman Catholic High School MUST take this exam in order to be considered for admission.

To become an Official Applicant of Catholic High you must complete:

  • An official Application
  • Submitted Transcripts (6th and 7th grade, and Standardized Tests)
  • Take the HSPT Entrance Exam
  • Fill out the Financial Aid Application

This year, the collaborative testing efforts through the Archdiocese will allow families in other AOP/IMS schools or those attending public/private/charters to take the test for free. More information about registration can be found under "Important Dates".

Please note, there is a $50 non-refundable payment to be made which is due no later than five days before the testing dates on November 18 or December 3 if your son missed the opportunity to take the exam for free in their classroom or at Roman on October 14.  

Click Here to Complete the Application

Frequently Asked Questions:


What should I do after I take the High School Entrance Exam? Visit Roman Catholic High! In addition to Student Discovery Day and Open House, scheduling a private tour is one of the best ways to become better acquainted with the RCHS family. Contact the Office of Admissions to schedule your tour today.


When will I be notified of my acceptance to Roman Catholic High School? Decision letters are mailed out on a rolling basis after the last exam date. Some students may be required to schedule an admissions interview based upon the request of a Roman Catholic High School administrator.

Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions

Zachariah Demusz '18

Director of Admissions and Communications