Founded by Thomas E. Cahill in 1890 as the first free Diocesan Catholic high school for boys in the nation, Roman Catholic continues its tradition of excellence as it strives to offer a comprehensive academic curriculum within a disciplined Catholic environment. Enriched by its cultural, racial, and religious diversity, Roman Catholic provides a community where each young man can learn to appreciate and respect the uniqueness of others, while becoming a man of personal integrity. Roman Catholic High School strives to bring the Gospel values of Jesus Christ to its students, while forming a Catholic community which embodies the Christian spirit of service to all.

The Belief Statements of Roman Catholic High School

  1. All learning should be faith centered.
  2. All students should follow the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.
  3. All students should be models of justice, mercy, and peace.
  4. All students should be able to worship God through prayer and service.
  5. All students should demonstrate social awareness through service to the school and the larger community.
  6. Every individual has inherent worth.
  7. Understanding and appreciation of diversity is critical to world peace.
  8. A core of common values and ethical conduct is fundamental to sustaining our society.
  9. Education is a shared responsibility of the school, student, alumni, family, government, and community.
  10. All students should be given the opportunity to achieve their goals.
  11. All students have the right to a safe learning environment.
  12. The future of the Church, family, and nation is inextricably linked with the academic and moral education of youth.

A Roman Catholic High School graduate:

  • is well-educated through a comprehensive academic curriculum
  • has developed a strong moral system based on Christian values
  • appreciates and respects the cultural, racial, and religious diversity of others
  • is a man of personal integrity

The History of The Roman Catholic High School for Boys