Administrative Team

Mr. Chris Buck '98

Assistant Principal, Academic Affairs

Mr. Brian Conroy '91

Assistant Principal for Student Services

Ms. Maggie Canavan

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

Mrs. Mary Desmond

Director of Guidance

Mr. Jeffrey Shields

Director of School Ministry

Mr. Joe Trinacria '08

Director of Admissions and Communications

Administrative Office Staff

Ms. Maureen Brown

Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs

Ms. Frances Campese

Main Office Manager

Mrs. Renee Granato-Park

Administrative Assistant, Student Services

Sr. Joan McNutt, SSJ S.S.J.

Admissions Coordinator

Lucas Ostrowski

Director of Technology

Sr. Jane Russell

Administrative Assistant, Guidance Office

Mrs. Cara Santiago

Financial Aid Counselor

Mrs. Maryann Shickling

School Nurse

Mrs. Michelle Shipton

Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Mrs Ann Vassallo-Trost

Executive Assistant to the President and Principal