• Pre-Calculus

    Content Standard
    3.1  Use appropriate technology to organize and analyze data
    Competency Standards
    3.1.1      Identify, collect and analyze data
    3.1.2      Analyze data given as sets of ordered pairs
    3.1.3      Produce and interpret scatter plots
    3.1.4      Calculate lines of best fit
           Content Standard
    3.2 Understand patterns, relations, and functions
    Competency Standards
    3.2.1      Identify classes of functions in numerical, symbolic and graphical form
    3.2.2      Identify the six basic trigonometric functions and describe their relationship to periodic behavior
    3.2.3      Graph transformations of the trigonometric functions
    3.2.4      Relate the sine and cosine functions to circular motion
    3.2.5      Identify angle measures in both degree and radian measures
    3.2.6      Calculate values of the sine and cosine functions as they relate to the unit circle and special right triangles
    3.2.7      Solve simple trigonometric equations analytically and graphically
    3.2.8      Solve applications involving inverse trigonometric functions
    3.2.9      Solve equations involving trigonometric identities
    3.2.10 Solve applications involving right triangle trigonometry
    3.2.11 Solve application problems using law of sines and law of cosines
    3.2.12 Solve application problems for areas of triangles and other geometric figures using trigonometry
          Content Standard
    3.3  Select, apply, and translate mathematical representations to solve problems
    Competency Standards
    3.3.1      Solve linear equations and inequalities
    3.3.2      Identify and applies the concepts of direct, inverse and joint variations
    3.3.3      Solve problems with functions involving two or more variables and linear programming
    3.3.4      Solve quadratic functions and inequalities
    3.3.5      Solve higher order functions and inequalities
    3.3.6      Find real and complex zeros
    3.3.7      Identify local and absolute maximums and minimums
    3.3.8      Identify intervals of increasing and decreasing values
    3.3.9      Solve growth and decay models with integral and rational exponents
    3.3.10 Set up and solve compound interest models
    3.3.11 Graph and fits exponential curves
    3.3.12 Solve problems applying the concepts and laws of logarithms
          Content Standard
    3.4 Apply appropriate techniques, tools, and formulas to determine measurements
    Competency Standards
    3.4.1      Analyze and graphs polar coordinates
    3.4.2      Find geometric representations of complex numbers
    3.4.3      Calculate powers and roots of complex numbers
    3.4.4      Calculate vectors and determinants
    3.4.5      Solve problems with sequences and series
    3.4.6      Solve problems with matrices
    3.4.7      Calculate probabilities for real life events
    3.4.8      Calculate limits
    3.4.9      Use sequences and series to estimate areas under a curve
    3.4.10 Use slopes to calculate rates of change
    3.4.11  Apply derivatives to curve sketching