• Historical Analysis & Skills Development

       Content Standard:
    1.1      Historical comprehension
              Competency standards:
    1.1 .1    Interpret visual data presented in historical evidence
    1.2 .1    Understand different historical perspectives
    1.3 .1    Understand literal meaning of historical passage
    1.4 .1    Analyze visual and mathematical data in historical maps, graphs, and
         Content Standard:
    2.1      Historical interpretation of events
    Competency standards:
    2.1.1        Evaluate the impact of opinion on the perception of facts
    2.1.2        Analyze multiple points of view
    2.1.3        Understand connection of cause and result
         Content Standard:
             3:1 Historical research
             Competency Standards:
    3.1.1        Evaluate primary and secondary sources
    3.1.2        Evaluate facts, folklore and fiction
    3.1.3        Understand event (time and place)
    3.1.4        Analyze credibility
    3.1.5        Analyze appropriate conclusions