Cahill Club

  • Cahill Club Membership and Chances

    The Cahill Club promotes and encourages literary exercise, athleticism, and socialization among its members. Membership into the Cahill Club funds projects we undertake in the name of Thomas E. Cahill. Membership into the Cahill Club still only costs $10.00 which supports our annual appeal and commitment to the Edward M. Graham Adopt-A-Student Program established in 1991, and the Cahill Club Scholarships awarded each year to deserving students. In today’s economy, these scholarships are critical to making a Catholic Education available to the young men of Roman. 

    The Officers and Board of Governors of the Cahill Club thank you in advance, for your continued support of Catholic High.



    Cahill Cup Award Dinner

    Thursday, May 24, 2018

    6:00 PM- 9:30 PM

    Flourtown Country Club
    150 McCloskey Road
    Flourtown, PA  19031


    2018 Cahill Club Honorees:

    Thomas E. Cahill Award



    Distinguished Alumni Award



    James McSherry ’40 Award for Service



    Teacher of the Year



    Student of the Year



    For more information:


    Phone: 215.627.5487 ext. 315