• Fine Arts


    Vision Statement 

    The arts are essential to the human spirit. They inspire, they elevate, they bring out the potential to create. They are a binding force in a world separated by distrust and prejudice. We firmly believe that every child has a right to an arts education, be it through music, visual art, theater or dance. Through the arts students can experience that which is basic to their humanity: the ability to create, to express, and to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, the masterpiece of which is themselves.
    General Standards
    Schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia shall teach, challenge, and support every student to realize his/her maximum potential and to acquire the knowledge and skill to:
    ¨     Recognize and express the Christian and Catholic identity through the creation of the arts
    ¨     Experience the joy of creating and the fulfillment of achievements through the visual arts
    ¨     Communicate ideas, feelings and attitudes through the visual arts
    ¨     Recognize and apply the elements and principles of art to further develop skill and knowledge in two dimensional and three dimensional work
    ¨     Be aware of and understand the visual arts in various cultures and civilizations
    ¨     Explore concepts and solve problems by connecting knowledge of the visual arts with other disciplines
    ¨     Utilize various technologies analogous to arts education