• Business & Technology

    Vision Statement
    Business presents itself in every facet of life. The Business/Technology Education Department prepares students to be successful in post-secondary and career events and develops high ethical standards to enter the business world.
    General Standards
    Schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia shall teach, challenge, and support every student to realize his/her maximum potential and to acquire the knowledge and skill t
    ·        Recognize and express the Catholic Identity through the application of business principles and ideals.
    ·        Develop positive attitudes toward technology that supports lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity.
    ·        Develop personal and professional financial management skills for enhancing productive citizenry.
    ·        Advocate legal and ethical and ethical behaviors regarding personal and professional work habits.
    ·     Expose students to all aspects of the Business/Technology Education disciplines to develop careers and continue on into future educational goals.
    ·        Develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and informed Decision-Making Strategies.
    ·        Integrate all other disciplines into the Business/Technology Curriculum. (this enables us to cross curriculum)
    ·        Develop collaborative team projects and participate into group problem solving activities.
    ·        Use technological sources to investigate concepts, issues and research for personal and professional use.