• Mathematics

    Vision Statement
    “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.” -- Galileo
    Through an understanding of the structure of mathematics, students will experience the wonders of the universe. They will apply analytical and logical thinking to real world experiences utilizing their God-given talents. In accordance with national, state, and diocesan standards, the curriculum incorporates technology and real world applications. Computers and graphing calculators are an integral part of the learning environment. Emphasis is placed on the development of higher order thinking skills. Problem solving and mathematical modeling are components of the learning process. Assessments reflect utilization of thinking skills, incorporate appropriate technology, and apply relevant rubrics.
    General Standards
    Schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia shall teach, challenge, and support every potential and to acquire the knowledge and skill to …
    •          Appreciate and use the science of Mathematics as a basis for each individual, society and his/her relationship with God.
    •          Recognize and appreciate the cultural differences that contribute to the development of mathematical concepts and ideas.
    •          Understand and appreciate the connections between Mathematics, other disciplines and everyday life.
    •          Appreciates the need for and acquires critical thinking skills for lifelong learning.
    •          Recognize the need for incorporating technology into mathematical thinking and apply a strong code of ethical conduct.