• Health & Physical Education


    ONE SEMESTER (730)
    The course will meet for one quarter for Physical Education and one quarter for Health. The following aspects of sports and physical fitness are included in this course:

     1. Physical Fitness                        5. Street Hockey 
     2. Basketball   6. Cooperative Activities
     3. Volleyball 7. Indoor Soccer
     4. Recreational Football 8. Low Impact Aerobics

    Some of the topics included in the course are:
     1. Mental and Social Health4. Nutrition 
     2. Communicable diseases5. Personal hygiene
     3. Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes6. AIDS

    Uniforms for Physical Education will consist of Roman shorts, Roman shirt, socks, and sneakers. The Roman clothing is mandatory. No other clothing will be allowed to be worn during the class period. Failure to come prepared for class will result in a lower participation grade. Failure to dress five (5) times in a quarter will result in a failing grade. No jean shorts.
    All student athletes are required to dress and participate fully in all scheduled Phys Ed classes.
    Any student, who for documented medical reasons, cannot participate fully in Phys Ed class must submit a written excuse to the teacher prior to the class. The student will be required to dress for class and participate in a modified Phys Ed program.
    In addition to the above, any student who cannot take Physical Education must submit to the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs a written doctor’s note stating the reasons why. If possible, the student will be required to participate in a modified Physical Education program. The student must still participate in the Health portion of the class.
    All students will receive a numerical grade. This grade is not based on ability but on the fullest possible participation in the class program as designed by the department and implemented by the instructor. The grade is a combination of the Physical Education aspect and the Health aspect. Any student who fails to achieve a minimum grade of 70 will fail the course and be required to complete a one-week class of intensive Phys Ed and Health. This will be done the first week after the regula r school year is completed. Failure to attend every day of the week long course will result in dismissal from Roman Catholic High School. The cost of this course is $50.00 and must be paid prior to starting the course.
    Introduction to Sports Medicine
    TRACK 2 (843)
    GRADE 12 (Elective) 
    Prerequisite: Approval of Department Chair
    This course will introduce the student to the ever changing and growing world of sports medicine. Course content will range from the historical beginnings of sports medicine to the various disciplines within today’s modern sports medicine team. Emphasis will be placed on classroom lectures and hands on practice of manual techniques. 


    • To understand the development of sports medicine from its humble beginnings to modern techniques and research studies.
    • To become familiar with orthopedic and anatomical terminology.
    • To understand basic human physiology in response to exercise training.
    • To be introduced to the most common sports induced injuries, their biomechanical causes, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and preventative techniques.
    • To be versed on emergency medical procedures most likely to be utilized during a sporting competition, to include cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as cervical spine injury management.
    • To explore the various disciplines and allied health professions that compose the modern sports medicine team.
    • To read and analyze current trends in sports medicine research studies.
    • Students will be able to properly and accurately use orthopedic terminology in reference to the human body.
    • Students will be trained and certified in CPR by the American Heart Association.
    • Students will be able to understand the mechanics of sports induced injuries and utilize the manual evaluative skills learned.
    • Students will be able to make an informed, educated decision on sports medicine and its various allied health professions as a college major and future profession.