• World Languages


    The World Languages Department of Roman Catholic High School offers French, Italian, Latin and Spanish. In these times of international communication, commerce, and diplomacy, knowledge of a second language is an invaluable asset to any career. It will enhance the student’s chances for success in every aspect of life. The medical professions, allied health services, elementary and secondary education, foreign relations, trade, business careers, VISTA, Peace Corps, and scientific research are only a few areas which capitalize on the knowledge of a second language.
    Minimum college requirements are two years of one world language; many colleges, however, suggest that students consider three or four years of one language. The general objective of the World Languages Department is to give students an opportunity to acquire some experimental knowledge of at least one foreign culture through the medium of its own language, thereby gaining some insight into the rich linguistic and cultural variety of the human family.
    TRACK 2 (511)
    Spanish I is an introductory course in the fundamentals of Spanish grammar with emphasis on developing the ability to read, speak, write and understand the Spanish language. The student is also exposed to an overview of Spanish and Latin cultures through films, music and current events. Students are assessed according to track.
    Spanish II provides a systematic review and expansion of Spanish grammar and vocabulary as well as the student’s written and oral proficiency in the subject. The previous exposure to Spanish and Latino culture is enhanced through individual and group research and projects.
    TRACK 1 (513) PREREQUISITE: Recommendations of teacher
    Those students who possess a better than average aptitude and attitude towards Spanish are invited to continue their course of study in Spanish III, which exposes the student to advanced grammatical concepts and more intensive exposure to spoken and written Spanish, especially with respect to practical situations and daily conversation, The course also begins to familiarize the student with Spanish literature and poetry.
    TRACK 1 (514) PREREQUISITE: Recommendation of the teacher
    Honors Spanish IV is designed for those serious students who have above average competency in the basic skill areas as well as a genuine inclination towards cultural diversity. Emphasis is given to the refining of grammatical structures, writing, reading, and conversation skills as well as to further development of studies in literature, history, civilization and art. Stress is placed on the application of acquired skills.
    TRACK 2 (501)
    This basic introductory course with a proficiency approach aims to give the student the ability to speak and understand the language through tapes and dialogues between students and the knowledge of fundamental grammar. Stories, filmstrips, movies and songs acquaint the student with the historical and cultural background of the people.
    TRACK 2 (502) PREREQUISITE: French I
    This course offers a continuance of the approach offered in French I. The basic fundamental concepts of French I are expanded. More emphasis is placed on grammatical and reading skills with further development of vocabulary.
    TRACK 1 (503) PREREQUISITE: Recommendation of teacher
    This course continues to develop basic language skills by providing expanded practice in the target language and using important grammar structures in reading and writing. The curriculum is expanded to include the history, civilization, and French literature. 
    TRACK 2 (504) PREREQUISITE: Recommendation of teacher
    In this course, the advancement of basic skills is made to develop fluency. An exposure to varied literary forms is broadened. Application and review of acquired skills is stressed. A minimum of 18 students is required.
    TRACK 2 (521)
    Italian I is an introductory course designed to expose the students to the fundamentals of the Italian language and to the history, art, literature, music and the contemporary life of the Italian people. The emphasis of the course is on enabling the students to acquire the necessary skills to speak, write, read proficiently, and understand the Italian language at its basic level.
    The second year of Italian focuses on the review and expansion of Italian grammar and vocabulary as well as the written and oral proficiency of the language. Emphasis is placed, also, on exposing the students to Italian art, history, literature and culture.
    TRACK 1 (523) PREREQUISITE: Approval of the department chair and the successful completion of Italian I and II
    The third course focuses on the expansion and refinement of all language skills. The course will introduce the student to Italian literature, history and art. Particular emphasis will be placed on communicative skills.
    TRACK 1 (524) PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Italian I, II, III, and the approval of the Italian teacher
    Italian IV is offered to those students who possess a genuine interest in learning the Italian language and culture and who have demonstrated to possess a better than average aptitude and attitude toward Italian. This course is intended to further enhance all the basic skills and to continue to expose students to Italian literature, history and culture. Major emphasis is placed on developing communicative skills.
    TRACK 1 (531)
    Honors Latin I is an intensive course in which students learn to appreciate the importance of Latin to the study of English and to Romance Languages. The course, through its concentration on vocabulary, structure and syntax, helps the development of memory, logical thinking and academic discipline. An appreciation of Roman History and culture is taught through translation and research.
    TRACK 1 (532) / (533)
    PREREQUISITE: Honors Latin I
    This course is designed to expose the Latin student to complex Latin literature. With a heavy focus on vocabulary and translating, the student will learn to develop an understanding of the impact that ancient Rome and its literature had on the future. This course is offered in two parts. School years ending with an even number will focus on Julius Caesar and Marcus Tullius Cicero. Those ending with an odd number will concentrate on Vergil.
    THE PHENOMENOM OF LANGUAGE - Introduction to Latin
    TRACK 3 (555) 10th grade
    This course focuses on the workings of language using Latin as a vehicle. This course will emphasize Latin structure and vocabulary. This course is designed to lead the students to experience the "process" of language and to learn a "method" of dealing with language studies. This course is designed to better equip students to learn a foreign language through the study of Latin. An added benefit is that course will help students increase the overall vocabulary which may help increase SAT scores.