• Visual Arts

    1. Students will recognize and express the Christian and Catholic   identity through the creation of the arts.
    Content Standards
    1.1               Students will be aware of Christianity through the history of art.
    1.2               Students will design and create works that communicate Christian/Catholic ideas.
    1.3               Students will be able to understand past and present works of art that reflect and impact on Christianity.
    Competency Standards
    1.1.1            Students will be able to identify Christian works of art.
    1.2.1            Students will be able to recognize and appreciate the value of art in Christianity.
    2. Students will experience the joy of creating and the fulfillment of achievements through the visual arts.
    Content Standards
    2.1               Students will explore their creative potential through processes.
    2.2               Students will expose their work to their peers and community.
    Competency Standards
    2.1.1           Students will experiment with a variety of media.
    2.2.1           Students will create each piece as if it were exhibition material.
    2.2.2           Students will understand how to prepare and present their work for exhibition.
    3. Students will communicate ideas, feelings, and attitudes through the   visual arts. 
    Content Standards
    3.1              Students will create original works that reflect their feelings through knowledge, skills and design issues using appropriate media, tools, techniques, processes and technology.
    3.2              Students will present written or oral knowledge assessments of one’s own work and the work of others.
    3.3              Students will learn to differentiate between subjective and objective critique
    Competency Standards
    3.1.1           Students will produce work that reflects the lessons taught.
    3.2.1           Students will be able to participate in a critique.
    4. Students will recognize and apply the elements and principles of art to further develop skill and knowledge in two dimensional and three dimensional work.
    Content Standards
    4.1              Students will study original art to increase their understanding.
    4.2              Students will understand the characteristics of various media.
    4.3              Students will use appropriate media, tools, techniques, processes, and technology to produce quality two dimensional and three dimensional products.
    4.4              Students will explore career possibilities in the visual arts.
    Competency Standards
    4.1.1           Students will make media choices appropriate to their subject.
    4.2.1           Students will explain the use of different media.
    4.3.1           Students will identify the medium used in an original piece of art and the process that they went through to create it.
    5. Students will be aware of and understand the visual arts in various cultures and civilizations.
    Content Standards
    5.1              Students will develop an understanding of the personal cultural forces that shape artistic communication.
    5.2              Students will understand how the arts shape the diverse cultures of past and present society.
    5.3              Students will learn about the styles, symbols, themes, and subject matter of different cultures.
    5.4              Students will discuss how past and present works of art reflect and impact on societies and cultures.
    Competency Standards
    5.1.1          Students will identify and produce a work that reflects the art of another culture.
    5.2.1          Students will explain, discuss, and demonstrate appropriate behaviors in varied arts and cultural settings.
    5.3.1          Students will identify the impact of art on the people and development of the time period studied.
    5.4.1          Students will explore art to understand the social, cultural, and environmental dimensions of human society by taking advantage of community opportunities and cultural institutions.
    6. Students will explore concepts and solve problems by connecting knowledge of the visual arts with other disciplines.
    Content Standards
    6.1              Students will incorporate artistic interest with other academic endeavors.
    6.2              Students will develop their visual perception skills to improve their aesthetic values so that they may connect to other disciplines and life.
    Competency Standards
    6.1.1           Students will use all their academic knowledge to solve artistic problems.
    6.1.2           Students will manipulate tools and accessories of various technologies.
    6.2.1           Students will identify and demonstrate how art impacts and reflects all other subject areas.